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Since I haven’t been racing for the past 3 weekends it seems I’m reading the race results way more than I normally do. I’m not sure why that is, but it is. This past weekend it was pretty cool seeing Matt Busche‘s name for a overall podium slot in the Tour of Denmark. Hayden Rouslton, my good friend from Tour of Southland, won the final stage. Matt has a long and successful career as a professional cyclist ahead.

Dave Henderson, local Missouri buddy, won his age group in the US Nationals Master’s Criterium. As did Adam Bergman. Not so surprising for Adam, but a pretty great result for Dave – Congratulations.

Trudi is flying back from Europe for the last time tomorrow. I think she was about ready to go crazy, so it was probably the right time. She has a couple more races to do in North America – The two World Cups in Canada and US Pro National’s in South Carolina.

Okay. I’m thinking about cross already. Ran for the 3rd time. Swam a mile. That has nothing to do with cross though, just life. Life enjoyment. It is still a million degrees in Kansas. I was watching the weather channel and they said there was a extreme heat advisory in effect in Kansas City until Thursday. I rode at 90 yesterday and almost melted. It’s easy to get used to these 78 degree days.

Dave Henderson winning US Master's National Criterium Championships by a tire width.

4 thoughts on “Not racing still

  1. Maurice Hessel

    The move Dave made w/ eight laps to go, proved he was by far the strongest in the field. Really cool to witness. Thanks, for mentioning Dave’s accomplishments in your blog, I’m sure he appreciates it.

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  3. David Henderson

    Thanks Steve for the mention. Also thanks Maurice for your split times of the break during the race. When Dan Martin’s group was 24 seconds ahead I thought the jersey was gone, but the break weakened and the pack closed. I was completely fresh for the finishing laps and I rode like my life depended on it. The tactics and timing all went my way including the bike throw. (ps, I was 4th in the crit last year. Attacked the break with 2 laps to go and i was caught just before the last set of turns. Grant Potter won that year).


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