Belgium – Paris Tourist Photos

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We drove to Belgium yesterday late. Went by the BMC service course this morning to get a bike for the next couple days. Ended up with Brent Bookwalter’s spare. It’s only a 55cm, but has a long stem and will work great. It is kind of cool here and overcast. I didn’t sleep too great last night and am really looking forward to riding some to get back in sync. There are 3 races within a 20km ride to watch. It’s Belgium. Below are some photos from Paris yesterday.

Walking through the Louve.

The best way to panhandle - have puppies. This guy was making a fortune.

Trudi feeding the birds outside of Notre Dame.

Parisians hurting for the beach along the Seine River.

View towards the Eifel Tower from the Louve.

Nice little stack of stuff on the floor of the offices at the BMC service course.

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