Paris, Cable, Cavendish and random stuff

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I’m about ready to fly to France. I’m flying from Minneapolis to Paris and back from Brussels. Bromont is happily up in his favorite place in the world. I rode the Mama’s ride for the first time. It is about time. 30 guys showed up. Afterwards their was an awesome potluck dinner. I ran into an old friend from the past, Jerome Gundersen, who I knew from San Diego back in the ’80’s. He went to Europe with me (mechanic) back in the Wheaties/Schwinn days. Lots of great experiences back then. And he’s gonna help me with a ton of concrete countertop I need in my kitchen.

How about Cavendish today. I know there needs to be some kind of organization in the teams, but Mark Cavendish showed today that you don’t need a leadout to win. Think about how much time Milram has spent on the front during this race. What was their best place? Not good. Seems like a waste of time much of the time.

Here are some photos from the past couple days.

Jerome and his beautiful borrowed bike. He rode the whole 40 miles on this.

Bromont came back super muddy yesterday. I told him to go clean off. He came back a few minutes later clean. Pretty smart dog, sometimes.

Yesterday's Northwood's breakfast.

Dennis's dog Ella. She is turning 17 this year. Pretty cool

After the finish line mess at today's Tour stage