Cadel’s Yellow Tour Bike

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The BMC mechanics are assembling it right this very moment. Obviously the day went pretty good for Cadel if they are putting this together. He doesn’t seem to have much acceleration on the climbs, but he is very tenacious. As the sport becomes less “supercharged”, it gets way more interesting to follow. Exactly the opposite of what you would think. It seems more human now.

It's pretty special having World's stripes on your Tour de France leader's bike. It isn't often that the winner of the World Road Race is leading the Tour de France. Pretty cool.

5 thoughts on “Cadel’s Yellow Tour Bike

  1. Sean YD

    There have only been two world champions in the past 20 years who have worn yellow: Tom Boonen (2006) and Greg LeMond (1990).

    Trudi really had the scoop taking those photos. One of them has been viewed more than 2,500 times.

  2. Dan Russell

    I agree, the racing seems less supercharged since they are in the mountains. It never looked real when the whole Discovery team would be leading up a Cat 1 climb. Hincapie is losing 15-20 minutes on each montain stage now, that is a lot more real. I hope the clean racing continues and yes, it is much more exciting.

  3. Drew Holbrook

    Contrador seems to have more “killer Instinct” than Schleck. No one has the teeth to really bite…does seem more “human”

  4. Rod J.

    This could be one of the more valuable bikes at the Tour. Ridden once and most likely never to be ridden again. Wish Cadel rode a 60cm…….


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