Tour Photos from today

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Here are some fun photos that Trudi sent this morning. She is “stationed” at Pave’ Section 6. Should be a interesting day. Like yesterday should have been. I totally disagree with the non-race status yesterday. I wonder if they are going to wait for Andy Schleck if he falls today on the cobbles? I think not.

Pave' Section 6 before the race comes through.

A crane came in just 30 minutes before the riders and hangs the banner.

Some of the publicity vehicles preceeding the riders.


And another. Old VW's are always cool.

Wink's take from her night hunting exploits. She left her 2 moles out on the carpet for show.

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  1. Paul Deninger

    FINALLY!!! Thank you for saying what I’m sure everyone is thinking about yesterday’s stage finish. LAAAAAAAAAME!


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