Tour of Lawrence – Mt. Oread Circuit Race

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Back late again. Rained most of the late afternoon/evening. It was wet. And super slick. I’d say more than half the field didn’t make it around the first lap of a 4 mile circuit. Mainly because they were laying on the ground when they should have been going forward.

I sucked. Right from the start. Brian fell about 600 meters into the race. Right in front of me. 1/2 mile from the start, I was in the lead group of 4. I was leading into a left hand corner at about half the speed I would of normally went in the rain and both my wheels went out from under me. I unclipped my inside foot, jammed it into the pavement and propelled myself back upright. This destroyed my ribs for the remainder of the race. If I would of just been a 4 on 1 to 10 scale, I would have maybe won this race. But, I was much closer to a 1. Maybe a 2. I sucked. I rode nearly 1/2 the race. There were only 13 guys left in the front group at that point. I think there were only 28 finishers out of 70 starters.

Chris Hall TT’d the last 3 laps to finish 6th. Bill Stolte made a miraculous recovery from a horrible start to bridge up to a group sprinting for 7th 300 meters from the finish. He jumped them, but was caught on the line to finish 9th.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain most of the day. 8 corner criterium downtown at 6:30 pm. Should be a continuation of today. Fun.

Lawrence local, Joseph Schmaltz, winning the sprint for 2nd on the day.

Anyone else notice that Cancellara's number wasn't flat on his skinsuit today. That was just wrong.

Checked out the kittens today over at the Walberg's. They are great.