Tour of Kansas City – Cliff Drive Circuit Race

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Like I said below, hot and humid. Hard. The course is hard. 2 climbs per 2.8 mile loop. And it was breezy. Brian won. He rode away from a 8 rider break. Bill and NIck were up there also, but ended up 5th and 6th. Brad Huff won the sprint for 3rd followed by Phil Mann. I have been a bit under the weather since I got back from Colorado. I felt better the last hour, but by then the race was up the road. I rode the last 4 laps with the previous days winner, Shad Smith and ended up 9th.

Tomorrow should be interesting. A short criterium circuit with one side uphill and the other side down. Hard. It’s supposed to start raining right when the race is scheduled to start at noon.

Talking to Nick right before the start. Notice the camera on my helmet. Got most all the race. We'll see how it turns out.

A picture of Bromont . Trudi brought me back the Cadel World's seat after the Giro. I'm starting to like it finally.