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We got out to Denver just in time to ride over to Golden and go up Lookout Mountain. It’s a couple hour ride from Arvada. It was amazing how many people were riding up that hill. It was nearly a traffic jam. The air is so dry here it feels almost creepy. Creepy in a good way though, if that’s possible. We’re going up to Silverthorne today for a few days. Right to 9000 ft. plus. Altitude dreams, here I come.

Old Coor's Classic photo Tom Moran sent me. Benard Hinault and Ron Kiefel are the other riders. Nice glasses.

A snapping turtle I helped off the road a couple days ago. They are very, very mean.

We drove past Tradewind Energy's first wind farm yesterday on the way out to Denver. It is so huge.

I sealed up some new 29'r wheels for my Eriksen. I got them to try out from Joe Houston, Ellsworth. They held air instantly.

The Ellsworth wheels came with extra spokes. That is such a great idea!

4 thoughts on “Colorado

  1. JM

    Wow! You guys (Hinault, Keifel, etc) are going so fast in that pic that your cranks ended up on the wrong side of your bikes!

  2. G-wiz

    How did you seal them up? Guerilla tape? That’s what I ended up having to do. Just curious if there’s another alternative.

  3. H Luce

    @JM: not only the cranks are reversed but also the lettering on the jerseys… obviously there’s a hyperspace drive in here somewhere, they fell into a parallel universe where desever si gnihtyreve….


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