It doesn’t seem……

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like this whole Floyd thing is going to disappear like most of the other stuff that has disappeared historically. Seems like there are lots of dominoes about ready to do what dominoes do. I was talking to Nick Frey abit after the Burlington Road Race tonight and he said, “it’s like cycling has a cancer and is on chemo. It will be interesting to see if it pulls through or just dies.” I’m not sure I see it as that dire, but it isn’t good. But, this stupid, stupid shit has been tolerated way too long. By everyone. It is interesting noting Vaughter’s/Slipstream’s tack. I guess it’s not technically a tack. It has been part of their mission statement for awhile. I hope everyone is committed as they in the rebirth. If not, it could be stark for sometime to come.

I didn’t race tonight. I probably should of considering how bad I felt riding 2 hours easy. Snake Alley Criterium is at 4pm. There are lots of interesting guys here. It should be a good race as always. I let you go how well/bad it goes. ‘Til then…….

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  1. Steven Aesoph

    So, it looks like they’re telling Zabriskie that he still has a job if he comes clean now. I hope he does rather than giving the stock denial approach everyone seems to be taking.


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