Hot Saturday

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We raced in St. Louis today. A 1 mile loop with one climb per lap. It was in the upper 80’s. It felt like 100 to me. I don’t think that anyone in the race was acclimated to the heat. The race went good for the Tradewind Energy/The Trek Stores Team. We had 3 guys in a 7 guy break. I wasn’t too happy that Brad Huff (Jelly Belly) was there. Brad knows us all pretty well and realized it was probably going to be a lost cause. Brian got away with 6 laps to go to win solo. I took off with 2 to go to make Brad chase. Nick the won the sprint for 2nd. I finished. 6th. Pretty good training for the next few weekends. I was pretty bad the first half hour and then better. It wasn’t nearly as painful as I anticipated. Maybe tomorrow. An 87 mile road race with a bunch of climbing. Forecast is for the mid 90’s. Might as well get used to it I guess.

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2 thoughts on “Hot Saturday

  1. Adrienne

    Steve was very happy to have you and your team there racing this weekend ! You guys always add a toughness to the race that we can’t get with the local 1,2 scene

  2. Aaro Froese

    Text book racing!! The Trade Wind Energy team rolled into town and put on a clinic on how to beat a super fast sprinter with experience and reliable team mates. It was a pleasure to announce that race. I saw your team tactics unfold and did my best to explain to the spectators the brillance of your strategy. Great job!!


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