Weekend Racing

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I guess I’m off to St. Louis to race this weekend. A hilly criterium on Saturday and a long road race on Sunday. It’s supposed to be in the mid-90’s on Sunday. That is 35 degress warmer than what it’s been around here the last couple weeks. Great. I went out for 40 miles this afternoon. I’d say it was my worst day riding a bike this year. Great again. On a brighter note, the found kittens of last week are growing up like crazy. It is amazing how much food they can gobble down in such a short time. Maybe I have cat scratch fever and it’s not antibiotics/allergies. I’ll never know. Should be a painful experience the next couple days. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

One thought on “Weekend Racing

  1. David Henderson

    Glad you’re coming out, so that it won’t be a solid team Dogfish bonanza. I’m with a sick kid and starting to feel funky myself. No biggie (I hope).

    I hope those kittens are girl/boy, and not boy/boy.

    Good luck, this weekend!

    -David Henderson


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