Wow Floyd.

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I hope Floyd has some/any evidence of his allegations and his words aren’t all he has. Obviously, Floyd has a credibility problem. Swearing under oath. Writing a book in denial. Man. It took some craziness to take this road. I guess time will tell. All I know, it isn’t good for this sport. I’m sick of it. I think/hope that there is a new generation of cyclists on the scene that go pretty really fast, clean. But, I don’t like the statement below from Pat McQuaid. He needs to think before he talks. The guys that Floyd accuses here are currently still racing bicycles. At the highest level. The UCI shouldn’t allow their mouth to make statements such as these to the New York Times. Especially so early in the process. It makes them look complicit.

UCI President Pat McQuaid told the Associated Press that Landis’ allegations were “scandalous and mischievous.” “These guys coming out now with things like this from the past is only damaging the sport. If they’ve any love for the sport they wouldn’t do it,” he said.

“The UCI regrets that Mr. Landis has publicly accused individuals without allowing sufficient time for the relevant US authorities to investigate.
“An impartial investigation is a fundamental right, as Mr. Landis will understand having contested, for two years, the evidence of his breach of the Anti-Doping Rules in 2006.

“The UCI will leave it to the individuals accused by Mr. Landis to take the position they see fit with regards to this issue.”

Here’s the ESPN link to the reporter that interviewed Floyd.

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  1. George Mehr

    Are you really surprised Steve? If it’s true(and I think it is) I hope others speak up and end LA’s charade.


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