Our Roads Suck – 1st Casualty

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I wrote a post a while back about how Kansas was ranked 1st in the country for best roads. Not in Topeka. Our city roads took a beating this winter. We were riding out 37th street today and it was a mine field of potholes. I got a call after the ride from Bill saying that Bob Lock had crashed leaving my house on 29th street and they took him to the emergency room in an ambulance. He was descending towards a stoplight at the bottom of a hill and caught a parallel seam with his front wheel and got instantly thrown on his side.

So, I went down to the hospital to check to see if he needed anything. Turns out he didn’t have his phone, so he had no numbers. Weird how that is now. Anyway, it turns out he broke his hip. Pretty bad. Like bad enough that the super hyper ortho doctor didn’t feel confident enough to operate on him and is sending him to Kansas City to KU Medical to have them do it.

Bob was super calm all night. And, he said, not in hardly any pain. It was impressive. They gave him a sandwich to eat at midnight. The last supper before anesthesia. I’m crossing my fingers for the prognosis after the operation tomorrow. It is amazing how fast things can change up on you.

Bob -all smiles tonight. Must of been the Demerol.

14 thoughts on “Our Roads Suck – 1st Casualty

  1. Tim Fuson

    Sorry to hear of your misfortune Bob,I will let the St. Joe crowd know what has happened.Here is to a speedy recovery.

  2. Aaro Froese

    Bummmmer sorry to read that 🙁 Steve you are good friend to do that and post this. Bob must be hard as nails guess that comes from training with you? Or maybe you are hard because of him. Prayer are coming his way from the 573 in Missouri.

  3. Brent Emery

    Heal well and fast. Old broken body remedy, 1 tbps each of dessicated liver powder and brewers yeast to promote MUCH faster healing. Tastes nasty, so have a cranberry muffin and orange juice at the ready (or some other things that have a better lingering flavor). Very high in B vitamins. A tried and true recipe from Mrs Stetina when I raced on the Indy/Exxon Team.

  4. Bob Fitzpatrick

    Good luck and quick recovery for you Bobbo. I guess this means you aren’t coming back to St. Joe for the Memorial Day century. What some guys will do to get out of coming home, sheesh … haha.
    Heal well.

  5. Brian Bettis

    Now maybe the rest of us can keep up with you! You’ll be back in no time, I predict.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  6. Spencer Klaassen

    Get well soon. Hope to see you back on the bike when cross season starts up again!

  7. Gary Schermerhorn

    It is not Drop and Roll. First STOP, then Drop and Roll. Get Well in a hurry.

  8. JP Shores

    Man Bobo! That is a bummer! Hope you are recovering and resting easy. You will be back soon! Let me know if you need anything?


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