Giro in Italy

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Watch the stage today of the Giro? The break won. It is always nice to see the guys that take the chances succeed. It is the only thing, other than the final sprint and crashes, that makes these flat stages of grand tours interesting. It’s too bad that all 3 of the guys off the front couldn’t share in the victory. They all worked hard to get to the line.

Here’s a photo of Francesco Moser leading a ride at the Giro today. I raced against him a couple times in Canada. A while back. He was already considered old and still out of my league.

2 thoughts on “Giro in Italy

  1. Dan Fox

    Were you there in Hamilton ONT in ’88 when he lapped the field? No group of slackers either. I think Kelly was there too.

  2. tilford97 Post author

    Yep. Sean Kelley was there. We (Wheaties-Schwinn) got 2nd and 3rd. I think it was Alan(maybe Broz) and Roland Gunther. Plus, two more top ten places. There were 4 of us there. But, the results were all screwed up. Good $$$ there. Moser was in a league of his own that day. He lapped us on a 4 mile lap. Alone. Crazy.


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