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Both my shoulders are all jacked up. I’ve crashed so many times on each of them that it is mildly amazing that they even move at all. My right shoulder has been pretty bad lately. In December, I went through Salt Lake City and saw Eric Heiden. He gave me a cortisone injection and it worked unbelievably well for the past 4 months. Until now. I am waking up all through the night dozens of times. I can’t lift my arm to put on a shirt. And on my bike, it is painful when I stand.

Trudi had a shoulder injury in Europe and another soigneur from the BMC team taped it. And it worked. So, yesterday she convinced me to have it taped. There are quite a few different ways to tape it. Kinesio tape is the only tape that sticks for the duration. Anyway, I’m about one day into the “experiment” and I’m happy to say that I’m mildly pleased. I don’t understand it. I really don’t. It doesn’t seem like it is doing that much support. But it is less painful. And riding yesterday, it was 90% pain free. Sleeping is better. Not super, but better. Anyone know the real reason this works?

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  1. Maurice Hessel


    Started using Rock Tape (RT) kinesio tape, after my right leg locked up racing last weekend. Had a massage on Monday, to unlock the leg. Then slapped some RT all over my leg. I’ve had it on for three-days now, and I can say it does make a difference. I’m not a 100%, but much better than last weekend.

  2. Gina Poertner, CHES


    The Germans have been using this modality for years. Kinesio-Tape acts on the nerve receptors altering the information that these receptors send to the brain. In turn, it causes a response which allows the body to heal itself. One theory is that it enhances lymph drainage from the injured area by relieving pressure from the space created by the tension of the tape between skin and muscle.

    As a college student in the late ’80’s, I learned to do this using ElastiKon in the training room. Little did we know it would become big business. We were just trying to keep our athletes in the game.

    Glad to hear this worked for Trudi. Good luck with your shoulder.



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