Battenkill Epic

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Looks like it is going to be wet and cold at Battenkill. I like those conditions normally. But, I’m not looking forward to doing 200 km in them. I guess it makes you harder. Maybe I’ll look at it like doing 6 cyclo-x races back to back. Actually, that isn’t a good way to think of it. I don’t mind riding in the rain. I mind getting ready in the rain. I hate standing around in the rain waiting to start a race. And I don’t hate riding with wet shoes and shorts, I hate the time period when they go from dry to wet. It should be interesting no matter what. But, I am second guessing my decision to not be at The Sea Otter this weekend.

This maple syrup farm is on the first loop. The owner invited me to come back for a ice cream sundae. He says it's the biggest maple syrup farm in the world.

Covered bridge early on the course.