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Drove out to Battenkill for the next two weekends. I’m still not there. I went through Philadelphia and bought some new wheels and tires for my van. Picked them up in Bridgeport at 9pm and headed North. Got caught up in torrential rains the whole way. I had wicked tailwind because of the storms. I have 700 miles on this tank of diesel. That is something close to 23mpg which is pretty good for a full sized van. Diesel is .50 a gallon more on the East coast. Harsh. Going to preride some on the dirt sections this afternoon. It’s not supposed to rain, but it is supposed to be pretty cold and windy (30mph). Should be a good practice race from next weeks 200km Battenkill UCI race.

Bromont thinking he isn't going to make the cut. He did.

Awesome double rainbow in Ohio.

Ebay wheels and tires. Very good deal.