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Didn’t Cancellara make the rest of the field look like juniors in Flanders yesterday. Beyond dominant. I went to church yesterday on Easter. It took a pretty weird alignment of the stars for that to happen. I probably haven’t been to church in the past decade. It was interesting. This week is going to go fast. Going to try my hand at time trialing tonight locally. I’m riding to Kansas City tomorrow night for the weekly training race. Then Bromont and I are packing up and going to the East coast for Battenkill for the next two weekends. Brian is coming out for the first weekend, so that should be good. The weather there looks bad for Saturday in Cambridge, N.Y. In the 40’s and raining. I like epic races though.

Grace Catherdral in Topeka. My father is buried there.

Another shot.

I've been drinking a ton of fresh juice recently. Everyone should have one of these in their kitchens.

A huge thunderstorm came through early this morning. It oftens rains so heavy that the sewers can't handle the volume. I love thunderstorms in the Midwest.

Close up photo of some cobbles from the Tour of Flanders.

Els Dejonckheere, Trudi and George Hincapie's father at Flanders.

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