Tour of Flanders Helmet Cam Preview

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Since we’re fast approaching Sunday’s Tour of Flanders, I thought I’d post a short video from Michael Barry (Team Sky). He wore a helmet cam on a pre-ride. He claims, and I can attest to it, that the camera doesn’t do the climbs justice on steepness. This next week is my favorite week of bike racing spectating. The music he used is great. It’s the Shout Out Louds, Shut Your Eyes. Not Snow Patrol, Shut Your Eyes.

2 thoughts on “Tour of Flanders Helmet Cam Preview

  1. poyntell

    What I learned: no matter how narrow the smooth stuff, pick the smooth over the pavé, way faster! And, was the pavé the uphill? Cameras. They never capture the pitch. Finally, ride in Europe. Have you ever seen such cool roads? Twists, turns, buildings, countryside, blind corners. Very exciting.


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