Rainy Saturday

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Saturday mornings with no racing are kind of perplexing. What to do with all the extra free time? What to accomplish? I usually listen to Car Talk in the morning. But, with all the Live Streaming Video bicycle racing on the internet, Car Talk is fast becoming a podcast. A friend from Minneapolis, Pat Lemieux, drove down to do some Collegiate racing in Manhattan. He’s staying the weekend. So much fun for him. 80 miles in the rain in a collegiate race. He’s a Category 1 and has to qualify to do the Nationals in Madison in May. USAC has to get that down a little better.

I met up with a high school friend for a couple glasses of wine last night. I don’t hang out much with anyone from high school anymore, even though I live in the same city/same house as I did when I went to high school. It was surprisingly nice.

I am still contemplating going down to Austin and race tomorrow. But, the way the morning is going, I very much doubt that is going to materialize. Maybe a criterium in St. Louis. Or just train here. I’m getting kind of nervous I’ve raced so little. I guess I’ll blame the nervousness on the internet and racing so little on the weather.

Which to watch? The E3 Prijs or the Critérium International? Answere-Both.

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  1. dew

    Nervous? Why? Hillsboro will be my first and I’m not nervous. Hold on, yes I am very nervous.


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