Drugs – Polish guy and Valverde

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Yesterday, Cyclingnews wrote a article about one of the Polish brothers, that I posted about a couple days ago, tried to commit suicide. I felt pretty shitty. I was thinking, “is there even a remote chance he saw my posting and that affected his decision?” Almost impossible, but that was my first thought. The article went on to imply that it is understandable why they took EPO. Mainly citing that their father only makes 250 Euros a month and that they were going to make 10 X that amount with their new contracts.

That is what is so stupid about the whole doping thing. Justifying the actions. I feel bad that the guy was so shamed, embarrassed, depressed, whatever, that he thought it best to kill himself. But obviously, he only felt that way after he was caught for EPO. I received a comment about how the riders are always taking the blame for all the drug positives and that other factors come into play. These guys didn’t even have enough funds to afford a systematic drug program most likely. But, ultimately the riders are responsible for the end result. It’s their lives. Maybe you should think that if you’re doing something that is going to make you want to kill yourself if you get “caught” later, you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. But, maybe you don’t know how you’ll feel until the situation arises. I don’t know. Anyway, he obviously knew he was doing something that was not right in the first place or he wouldn’t of reacted like he did. Enough said.

But, Valverde is much different. I’m torn with Valverde. Puerto almost seems old news. And I love the way the guy rides. I think that most modern day cyclists don’t have the complete package. Valverde does. I like that he sprints at the end of stages during Grand Tours. Climbs well and TT’s reasonably. But, I don’t think that he should of been racing bikes the last couple years. He should of done his “timeout” like Basso did and say he is sorry. I’m not sure what I think about the way the Italians got his blood from Puerto and matched it with his blood from the Tour. But, his blood is his blood. And the blood in the bag had EPO in it, so he wasn’t keepin’ it around just in case he was in an auto accident. So, he needs a timeout and sit in the corner for awhile.

I very much doubt that Alejandro Valverde is going to be so remorseful that he will try to commit suicide because of all these accusations. But, like I said, you never know how you react until you’re in the siutuation. Let’s hope not. He’ll most likely get an international ban from the UCI, train for a couple years and come back like Basso and be stronger than ever.

The biggest loser here might be Contador. He’s not going to have Alejandro and his Caisse d’Epargne Team around to set tempo for him in all the big races when Astana isn’t strong enough to do so.

Or Contador pulling around the Caisse d'Epargne Team.

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  1. hluce

    A friend of mine taught organic chemistry lab when he was a grad student at Cornell. He had this really driven Jewish girl in his class who told him that if he didn’t give her an “A” that she’d go and kill herself by jumping off this suspension bridge over one of the gorges on the Cornell campus. She earned a “B” and that’s the grade he gave her. The students got their grades after winter break, and the day she got the grade, she jumped off the bridge and killed herself. Thankfully I never had that happen to me. The moral of the story is that it was her choice to do what she did, first attempted extortion, then self-murder; with the Polish guy, fraud and theft, and then attempted self-murder. Neither of them were honest or on the up-and-up, both of them were criminal in a lot of ways. The Polish guy was worse, it was just naked self-interest, taking money that wasn’t rightfully his by deceiving the other riders and the sponsors of the race into thinking that he was running an honest race. People like that need to be excluded from the sport for good, at least from competition where cash prizes or compensation is involved. Until that kind of penalty is meted out, the sport will remain corrupted.


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