Birkie tomorrow and Bjorn-good luck.

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The Birki is tomorrow. 53 km from Cable to Hayward. It has snowed a bunch there. So much so that the organization had to hire more front loaders to remove snow for the parking. A record 8500 skiers are doing the race tomorrow. It has been a pretty snowy winter throughout the country. A lot of cyclists are going to have pretty white legs probably through April at least. We’ve all be cursing under our breath and then there are the skiers in the Midwest, Northwest, Northeast that are loving it. I left Texas for the North Carolina Mountains for some special training. But, the weather changed so I’m trying to hightail it back to Austin for this weekend. The way the airlines have become, I think it will probably be fruitless.

Below is Team Radioshack’s Het Volk starters. Bjorn was probably skiing the Birkie last year. Now look. Good Luck to him! Watch Live here.

Team Radioshack
121 Fumiyuki Beppu
122 Sam Bewley
123 Daryl Impey
124 Grégory Rast
125 Sebastien Rosseler
126 Bjorn Selander
127 Gert Steegmans
128 Tomas Vaitkus

Nick asked Maureen a couple nights ago if she liked Menage a Trois? We all were taken back. Nick was talking wine. It took a little while to clarify.

Back to Kansas for March. The normal highs in Kansas are 48 for March 1st to 62 for March 31st. Even in Austin the highs have hardly been near 50 this past week. Maybe it might get back to closer to normal. I wouldn’t want to lose the pitiful tan I have.

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    and after staring at the label for a wile, just after posting the remark above, I realized that the label said, up at the very top, “folie a deux”. Duh. Here’s to not noticing stuff…


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