Racing Tomorrow

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Way too early. The race start is 8am. I don’t know what that is all about. I have the luxury to not have to wake up to an alarm clock but for a few times during the year. This is not one of those days. 4 more Kansans made the journey down here, so we’ll be well represented. The race tomorrow is the Walburg Classic. They divided the field to Pro-1 only then 2’s, so there aren’t going to be even 60 guys in our race. That is a problem because historically it has been very windy. No where to hide. We’ll see. A bunch of New Zealand guys are here straight from their summer. Heath Blackgrove and company, plus Kristian House (British National Road Champion) from Austin is also around. Should be interesting. I hope I have enough form to at least enjoy the fireworks.

Kristian House winning the 2009 British Nationals.

A plane crashed into a building 4 miles from where I was in Austin and I had to learn about it from a Skype call from Oman. Modern communication is unreal.

Nice view of the 360 bridge from 2222.