Valentines Day

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2010. Nice number. I’m not sure why. I like Valentines Day. Probably 2nd to Thanksgiving. I went over to watch the Austin Marathon at mile 12 at 7:30 am this morning. I rode over to the course with Bromont and got there a little early, so decided to grocery shop for breakfast first. The checkout lady wished me a Happy Thanksgiving. I thought that was kind of strange, but wished her the same.

I’d never seen a huge marathon. Something like 13,000 people run the race or some portion of it. I was surprised how spread out the first 20 runners were. Then the masses. So, I watched awhile, went back and slept abit and then went out for a 3 hour ride. Hilly ride. A cold front came in and the wind switched to the North and got strong the last hour. It was pretty hard. Maureen went to Florida to visit family at Disney World. She came back looking cute as bunny except she looked like Minnie Mouse. It’s amazing what that place can do to a grown woman. I need a rest day. Too much action for Steve recently. Early season training is humbling.

Marueen decked out in her new outfit.

Everything Valentine's Day should be. I didn't contribute the flowers, they arrived on their own.

As a cyclist, I was almost more interested in the cyclists riding along with the runners, more than the runners. Many of them seemed so serious, much like they were in a competition themselves. Strange.

Valentine photo from Oman.