KU vs. UT basketball post Superbowl

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Yesterday I watched the Super Bowl with Maureen. She is from Charleston, SC, thus it was mandatory she was a Saints fan. Actually, she likes the name of the team, so she was rooting for them. She cooked up jambalaya. On rice. With bourbon. And lemon. It was awesome. I rode through Westlake Hills today post Superbowl. Hometown of Drew Brees. It’s just on the other side of the river up the hill. Just a suburb of Austin really.

Maureen's awesome jambalaya plus extras.

It rained all day here in Austin. It got up to the lower 60’s, which is the norm nowadays, but it was wet most of the day. I finally got out later in the afternoon and got a couple hilly hours in. Not a bad day considering how it was looking at noon. I did a loop out in the hill country west and came back through town along the water through the nice neighborhoods. The stonework is amazing. There are 1000’s of houses here covered completely in stone. I love it.

Tomorrow I’m going out with the locals for a long day. But, tonight I have my KU shirt on. KU basketball vs. Texas while I’m in Austin. Should be fun.

A little post ride, neighborhood riding, architecture photo session.

Lance's home.

A screen shot of skyping with Trudi in Qatar. She is showing me her Blackberry with the email of the KU score on it live. It is 8am there and 11pm here.

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  1. poyntell

    Wow all around! The food looks incredible. I especially like the lemon floating in the oh so cool glass and the jambalya spilling out of the dishware and those houses……Riding, good food, Superbowl, how can you go wrong.


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