Texas bound

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Got in the van this afternoon with Bromont and headed South. It snowed 4 more inches of wet snotty snow and I was sick of it. Plus, there are some dehumidifiers down this way that want to be moved to Kansas. And, the “horrible” Texas weather looks to be clearing up. It should be in the 60’s this weekend in Austin. There are 2 races in Austin this weekend, but I’ll have to think about it (or better yet, not think about it) to figure out if I have any desire to suffer that much this early. It’s nearly 700 miles door to door, but the drive isn’t bad. It all depends what time you hit Oklahoma City and Dallas/Fort Worth. I didn’t leave until after 2pm, so it wasn’t an issue. I brought my MTB with me just in case I feel the urge and am physically able. I took the photo below somewhere south of OKC. They was cruising down I-35 at about 80mph. He (the dog) had a pretty good view and was out of the weather.