Certain days

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There are many differences between a “normal” life and a cycling life. There are certain days that I’d just as well omit from my life. I used to travel a fair amount on buses. That was my main mode of transportation from Topeka to Colorado Springs when I was at the Olympic Training Center. I hate bus travel. And I spent a lot of time in laundromats then. Not many redeeming things have happened to me at a laundromat or on a bus. If I had the choice to die early or experience these certain days, I would choose the former. I don’t want to go into details, but today was one of those days. Just omit it from my life and expire early. I’m not sure how to avoid days like today. I think that they come upon me now from errors I made previously. Or lack of forethought. I’m not sure.

In cycling, I’ve never had one of those days. I can’t recall one day that is even close to being in that category. The very worst day I’ve had on a bike doesn’t come close. There is always a redeeming value. No matter how painful and unenjoyable it might seem at the time, I know that it always will eventually pay benefits.

That is one reason I ride my bike. To make days like this extinct. At least as close to extinct as possible. I feel so lucky that I have that.