New Year’s Eve

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2009 is nearly done. I can’t say that I miss it particularly. I can’t remember a season that I have been so racked up without running into a stationary object at 60mph. It is weird, because I don’t recall being sick this whole season. Unless you classify MRSA staph as illness. So it is all because of self infliction. Not all self inflicted, but it is the same result. Hurt.

I was diagnosed by a veterinarian at the coffee shop in Hayward that I had bruised my kidneys. Then I was diagnosed by a physician that overheard our conversation and he concurred. All I need now is a dentist and witch doctor to confirm their findings. It doesn’t feel good whatever the reason. I’m kind of hoping bruised kidney and not really, really sore back. It is all bruised, but I’m thinking the kidney might heal quicker than back muscle. I’ve realized that I kind of need my back for most of my daily activities.

Tonight there has been a lot of talk about a sauna “bake off”. The problem is the the thermostat on the sauna cuts the heat off at 192 or so. There is talk of disabling the thermostat, spraying cold water on it, or just putting more water on the rocks. Another problem is that there are two Russian/Eastern Prussian’s with us, so we do have some ringers in the competition. I am pretty good in a sauna. We’ll see how disabled everyone is before the start.

We’re snowshoeing out to a distant cypress ridge in the middle of nowhere at 11 pm tonight. Making a toast under the full/blue moon at midnight with 3 different champagnes to try out. That is different types-natural, extra dry and brut, not three bottles. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

erythroid coloniesWorking on getting the number up to the 220 degree Russian standard.

Working on getting the number up to the 220 degree Russian standard.

One of these people knows how to wax and one doesn't. You decide.

New Yesteryear flashback. This is Abbey Larsen (US Olympic Ski Team Member) putting her body where her mouth is doing 1000 situps straight. Yes, that is 1000 situps.

Albino deer at the Cable Chamber. Unfortunately he was hit by a car and ended up here. His offspring (albino) still wander the streets of Cable though.