Sunday Nationals Morning

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I’m beat and haven’t even raced. This bike race watching is pretty energy intensive. Way more so than preparing for a race and then racing. I guess maybe I’m just not trained for watching. This watching thing has been great at times, just okay at times, and downright miserable at times. I do enjoy the interaction of all my friends and others. It amazes me all the people that will come up and approach me and talk about everything I’ve been doing recently. It seems like everyone is just as interested in roofing as riding. Pretty weird. Pretty cool really. We’re staying in Bend with a Paul Biskup. I haven know Paul since high school. He is from Kansas City. When he was in high school, used to ride from Kansas City to Lawrence (my one semester at KU), with a couple bottles of wine in his jersey pocket, and stay the weekend with me. He rode with me on the Levi’s Team. I was thinking about it, and Paul is the only common denominator of the most time whenI have been passed out drunk. He does have other talents now that he’s grown up, but he still can drink beer. Today is the last day of Nationals. The course is changing up each day, hour by hour. From being frozen ice in the morning to wet, rocks in the afternoon. The KCCX guys yesterday flatted 8 tires. That could be a issue in the elite race this afternoon. Hope not.

Paul and I resting from the watching effort.

Paul and I resting from the watching effort.

KCCX garage.  30+ something bikes.

KCCX garage. 30+ something bikes.

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  1. Ebby Norman

    Sure enough… rolled up to Super Week with Paul, Trevor Houghton, and Leroi Cheney, I do recall beer and vino flowing. Another time coming back from a criterium in OKC, Paul rode with me, upon getting to K.C. we went straight to Westport, does he have that effect on all people?


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