Going WEST-

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It snowed last night. I’m getting in the car in a few hours and driving out to Bend for ‘cross nationals. But, the answer to all the questions I’ve been getting is No. No, I’m not racing. I hadn’t definitely decided not to do the master’s race until yesterday. USAC sent me an email a few days ago and told me I was going to lose my call up position if I didn’t register. That was nice of them. What it comes down to is that I’m just not that big on doing master’s races. The last few years I’ve done both the master’s and elite races. I race the master’s race because I think it makes me better for the elite race on Sunday. I haven’t raced in 5 weeks and have some injury issues that I just keep adding to. So, I’m going out there because I love cyclocross. I love racing cyclocross and I love watching cyclocross.

Nothing much else to write just now. The roof is 99% complete. 4 inches of new snow is sitting on top of it right now. I’m driving instead of flying so Bromont can go along. He has been to cyclocross nationals every year of his life and I couldn’t tell him that he had to stay home. Plus, I am going to make a few stops along the way. Physicians, skiing, visiting friends, etc. Okay. Got to getting loading. I’ll post my best observations as they come.

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