Still roofing….

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Yesterday was my record, lifetime at that, for working for one day. Over 20 hours straight. It might have been 21, but is anyone really counting? It was supposed to rain today so we worked well into the night, last night. Into the night enough that I had to have a little chat with the local police about the project. He was pretty cool about the whole thing. I explained that there was 5000 square feet of exposed roof and there was almost nothing he could say or threaten me with to make me stop making noise. It’s not like it’s in the middle of a residential area or anything.

Anyway, around 3 am, I decided that I wasn’t being too effective, so I decided to wait until sunrise. So, today started once again at 6 am door opening at Lowes. Things were going great. The rain didn’t look like it was coming. Everything that needed to be done was getting done. And then we had a huge weather change. Within a half hour, some crazy unpredicted thunderstorm came. We had started putting felt down, but weren’t very far along. Normally it would of taken less than an hour. But, it started raining. And, it rained and rained. There were 6 of us and we weren’t getting anywhere. There was lightening. It was virtually dark. I lost at least 5 utility knives. I even lost my hammer for 10 minutes of so. I resorted to using a stapler, but it also broke ( I dropped it 30 feet onto concrete). The weather got worse (could it?) and eventually turned into a complete deluge. It was like the scene in Forest Gump where Lt. Dan was up on the mast of the shrimping boat challenging the Lord. But, more rain.

Pretty soon, I was the last man standing. Everyone else froze. So, we finally called uncle. It is pretty water tight. Tight enough that I am not going there again tonight. I’m ready for the insulation and rubber membrane. I need a break. I’ve put something over 200 hours into the roof in last two weeks. I haven’t gotten sick yet, but my regular life is a wreck. More than a wreck. I don’t think a day will fix that, but maybe it will give me a chance to step back and access the project with a fresh mind. And body. Might ride my bike awhile tomorrow. That would be the best thing I could do for myself.

Before photo.

Before photo.

Current look.  New walls, bare decking etc.  Before the deluge.

Current look. New walls, bare decking etc. Before the deluge.

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