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Today was a bad day for the home team. The weather was supposed to be great for the next week, but sometime this morning, it changed. These isolated showers moved in around noon and then it was on and off again rain until night. I ended up buying a ton of 100 ft. rolls of plastic, since there is nothing on the roof deck itself. Tomorrow I’m going to put down felt over the whole thing. It doesn’t do anything for a rubber roof, but it is cheap insurance against these freaky fall weather changes. It’s supposed to be nice until next Tuesday. Have a deadline then. It’s going to get ugly. It is already ugly. I got up this morning at what I thought was 5:50. I wanted to be working at first light. Turns out it was only 4:50. This daylight savings thing sucks big time. For roofing and riding. So, just another 7 days. We’ll see if I hold up.

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