Racing again this weekend.

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I guess. I guess I’m racing again this weekend. I skipped last weekend, thinking it would be better to rest than train. I’m not sure about that call now. Nothing much has been going on in Kansas. It’s been unseasonably cool here. Hi’s barely in the upper 70’s. Good time to try to catch up on outdoor fix it stuff. Nothing much else to report. Below are some photos that I took the last week. Swimming with Bromont up in Wisconsin. Horse shot from the Wild Mustang government auction I went to here in Topeka a couple days ago. Logging is definitely the industry in Cable. Burr season is in full swing in Kansas And photo of bikes I road up in Wisconsin on the Chequamegon course. One is my Eriksen 29’r. The other is a Eriksen 27.5. It might be the best of the selections. It rolls good like a 29’r, but has better handling. Tire selection is limited, but the tires available are pretty good. Going to the Gateway Cup to race Friday night through Monday. 4 criteriums. The last one is right before the start of the Tour of Missouri. Should be a pretty fun day. Okay. I’ll update as the weekend progresses.