Elk Grove Day 1

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Nothing much to say here. I sucked pretty much. Not completely, but nearly. I had no jump. My lower back hurt. Along with my neck, my shoulder and ribs. Even my left knee was sore. I seem to be getting more sore on a daily basis. Everyone says it’s because I’m trying to compensate for other stuff. I have fallen down on my bike hundreds of times. I don’t remember getting sorer over a week later.

3 guys rode off the front nearly from the start. The two ISO Corp guys bridged up with just a few laps to go. That is 5 away. Never more than 25 seconds. But, enough to stay away until the end. I was nearly winning the field sprint until about 25 meters to go and got buried by 4 or 5 guys. I finished 10th or 11th I think. Nothing to write home about. It was pretty windy and not that easy a race. Races with U turns are like that. Tomorrow is a do over with 12K prize list. Maybe I’ll feel better or have a better result. But, it’s not like the field is chopped liver. Frank Travisio won. Health Blackgrove and a ton of other good guys are here, so it’s always going to be pretty hard.

One upside is that the new Trek Madone races as nice as it rides. I had to chase Bromont down yesterday in the country on gravel roads. Then today, it was pretty wet before the race. I tried to explain to the bike that it isn’t an easy life being under me. I’m not sure it understood, but it will eventually get it.