Haleakala National Park Climb – Tomorrow

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Tomorrow I’m meeting the guys from Maui Cyclery to ride up the 10000+ foot climb to the top of the Haleakala volcano. I’m not sure there is a longer paved road with that much elevation gain anywhere in the world. Anyone know of one? Anyway, I didn’t plan too well for cold weather. I guess it is approximately 3 degrees colder for every 1000 ft. altitude gain. So, over 30 degrees colder at the top. And 70% chance of rain the last few thousand feet. By the time I ride back to where I am staying it should be an even 100. Should be a memorable day. I had some really good coffee today. Photo below. I rode 3 1/2 hours around the perimeter of the Western volcano of Maui today. It was so, so hot up against the lava on the road cuts. Crazy hot. I rarely drink when I’m riding. I stopped and drank two 32 ounce Gatorade’s and a Red Bull. And I could have drank more. Okay. I’ll let you know how the climb goes.



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