Crashed while training.

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I crashed yesterday. Training. Huh? It hasn’t rained forever in the West and my tires are dirty/grimy when I get back from riding, but that isn’t much of an excuse. I was going down a pretty quick hill towards a stoplight that was green. I was turning right and must of been just going too fast. I felt both my wheels break loose simultaneously. Somehow, again, I unclipped my inside foot and got my shoe on the pavement. I slid along like this for a couple meters before something caught and I ended up on my ass. My bike barely touched the ground. No torn tape, ripped up seat, nothing. My shorts and butt are the main recipients of the actions. Plus, I jammed my right hand on the ground and screwed up my already screwed up right shoulder.

I’ve been thinking about it and I think the last time I crashed on the road while training was in the early 90’s. I was warming up for the Tour of Ohio and hit some sand in a corner and fell. Maybe 15 years ago. Maybe more. I think I have to attribute that to luck. For sure. I’ve been on a ton of group rides where a lot of guys fall at once. It just hasn’t happened to be me. If this going to be the standard interval between training ride crashes, I can go with it.