January 1-2, 2009

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I was waffling about driving the 700 miles up to Cable Wisconsin for just 5 days. I feel pretty cruddy from the surgery generally. That might be an under exaggeration. It is. But, I knew a bunch of friends were relying on me, so I made a last minute decision and hoped it wasn’t going to go South on me. The drive up is not that bad. 700 miles. Two good coffee shop stops. I usually drive the whole way. But, I’ve been taking more than my share of percacet, so I relinquished the driving to Bill. I ended up in the back with two dogs on me. We had 6 people and 5 dogs, plus all the ski stuff in the van. I bought a 2004 Ford Diesel Van a couple months ago, mainly for cyclocross. With everyone having 2 bikes, it is nearly impossible to travel to a race with more than one other person without an super big vehicle. The van gets around 20 mpg on the highway, driving fast, so it is somewhat economical when you fill it up. Anyway, below are a bunch of pictures from the last two days. It’s nearly impossible to convey in words how nice it is up here. Pictures don’t do it justice either. Personal experience is the only way to fully appreciate it. We’ve skiied a bunch. I’ve sat nearly 4 hours in an 190 degree sauna the last 3 days and drank and ate alot of good food. OK. Check out the expose’.