Kansas City Cyclo-X National Championships

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It’s already started.  Everyone keeps telling me how great it is that the Nationals are so close to where I live.  It’s not that simple.  Time becomes the big restraint.  Yesterday I was in KC for nearly 9 hours.  Today much longer.  Then the weekend.  I’m not complaining, mind you, but as a rider, it kind of wears on your mind.  

The course was kind of slick for the B race yesterday.  Riding later in the afternoon it had firmed up some, but still had some technical corners.  Driving back last night, it started raining.  I’m not sure how much it rained at the course, but it is not going to be dry for the races this afternoon.  It is sunny and is supposed to be in the lower 40’s, but that isn’t going to do it.  It should be alright for me.  I’m usually pretty good in those conditions.

Better get back in to KC.  Race update later, after the race, after the party.

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  1. sweide

    Congrats on your win today, Steve. No need to rush to post the details – VeloNews gives you serious props. Are you racing Sunday’s elite race, too?


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