Jingle Cross Rock 1 & 2, UCI C2 – Iowa City, Iowa

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Just got back from a weekend up in Iowa City.  Things went just OK and better today, which was pretty epic. Here are a few photos before I post.  In a side note, Iowa might be the worst state in the country to drive in during the winter.  I’ve driven a fair amount in my lifetime and I haven’t ran into much weather as bad as what seems to be the norm in Iowa.  Today wasn’t the worst I’ve seen, but we were on ice and black ice for 150 miles.  100’s of cars off the road.  Half our group baled at the Marriott in Des Moines.  I don’t do that.  But it is nearly 3am now, so who was smarter?

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  1. Will Black

    So if the weather holds and it is dry what is going to be the hot set up for tires next weekend?


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