Building up Cross Bikes

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I think every rider goes through the same thing every fall transitioning from road to cross.  It is on different levels, but it is nearly the same. Either disassembling your road bike to put the parts on your cross bike or starting from scratch.   I’ve been “building” up 4 cyclocross bikes for the past 2 weeks.  Even though most of the parts are on the floor of my garage, it never seems to go as it should.  Intergrated headsets, wrong/no front derailluer clamps, cable hangers, etc.  Not to mention cantilever brakes.  And pads.  Pads to use on carbon wheels.  Aluminum wheels.  Whatever.  But, it is super important   A few seconds you give up here and there can be the difference between a great result and no result at all.  The first few races are over and now I’m back at square one with equipment.  It is a bit draining.  But there are a couple months to get the bugs out.  And just to think, I haven’t even gotten to glueing tires yet.  Fun, fun.

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