Tour of Spain-Alto de L’Angliru

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In a couple days the Tour of Spain is finishing on one of the hardest/steepest climbs in Professional bicycle racing, the Alto de L’Angliru. It is close to 23% at some points. They haven’t finished on this climb in a few years. Some riders put on compact cranks with 27’s in the back. Obviously a crazy hard race finish. Someone asked me what the steepest hill I’ve ridden, not raced. Racing would be easy to figure. It would have to be one of the numerous climbs in the British Milk Race. Up in Northern England, in the Moors, there are lots of short, hard climbs. It’s a bit intimidating hitting the bottom of a climb and have a sign at the bottom state 1/4. That means: 1 in 4 pitch which is 25%.

But I have ridden up the official World’s Steepest Street. It’s in New Zealand. And it’s steep! Photo of the info below.(Double click) Check out the angle of Trudi on the hill. She is vertical. It is super steep. I let my brakes off from 3/4 of the way up it and was going nearly 70mph in 200 meters. Not tucked. I used to hate finishing on the top of climbs and missing the descent. Half the reason to ride up.

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  1. bsmith

    Man, grab two of your teammates and hop in the car right now. If you’re looking for a fight this weekend one is brewing at the 12 hours of Snowmass.

    A little bird just told me that Lance is racing a 3-man there on one team with some local CO studs and Weins is also signed up on another 3-man.

    It’s not Spain but it is Aspen in Sept.


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