Tulsa Tough Friday Nite

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I’m still under the weather, but find it nearly impossible to pass up the Tulsa weekend. Three races. Minimum 6K to win. 25 deep. But, the Toyota-United Team decided to come and cherry pick, which I knew would make the race frustrating at best. They are more than cherry picking here. They have 9 guys, over 10% of the field. I estimated yesterday before the race that they would win nearly 50K here over the three days. So far, I’m right on target. I’m not sure what the promoter or Toyota was thinking. It is overkill. It makes the race nearly a joke. But, not funny. They lined it up with 5 laps to go, after lapping the field with 3 guys. It was nearly impossible moving up. The last two laps were pretty incredibly fast. I only passed two guys, one a lap. It was Toyota 1-2-3, then 6-7-8. Only 6 of the top 8 places. I was 17th. Probably could of finished 13th if I was having a good day!!!! No control of anything here. I could race the master’s race the next couple days and win a bunch of money. But, I’m not much into races masters races. So, I’ll probably just keep status quo and watch the PRO race from within.