Snake Alley – Congratulations Dewey!!!

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I’ve been having some “issues”. I’ve slept very little the last 4 nights. And had two surgical procedures. So 19th was better than I desired and the worst place I’ve ever placed. I’ll probably try to explain more later, but I don’t have the words to adequately/appropriately disclosed the problems. It will involve alittle personal sharing on my part that I’m not comfortable with right now. Hint: Eddie B was right when he said don’t sit on cold concrete.

On a more positive note-a big congratulations to Dewey Dickey for winning the PRO race here. He has been riding this race for a couple decades and has come so close to many times. According to Brian (Jensen) 2nd, Dewey was crazy strong today and deserved the win. This is after already racing/ winning the masters race this morning. I think that is a total of 32 lap. Go figure.

3 thoughts on “Snake Alley – Congratulations Dewey!!!

  1. dew

    Thanks Steve a lot. I remember 2 years ago when you dominated the snake at 46 years old. Incroyable! The fact that your still racing at such a high level after all these years is a real inspiration to me. I remeber my first snake was in 87 finishing 6th as a junior(in those days we had 70 rider junior fields). The closest I got to winning was in 93 or 94 when Tim Peddie and I got off with about 7 to go, getting caught on the last lap.
    Hope you feel better soon. See you at Muscatine.

  2. tt


    Lol… What’ya mean? In 1994, I started last and never hit the field, finishing way off the front?


  3. dew

    I said 93 or 94, must have been 93 then. And who said anything about finishing way off the front? I remember what bike you were riding,what team you were riding for and what you said to me during our escape. Do you? Oh yeah, nice to hear from you.


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