Photos from the past-Coors Classic

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Mike Hanley emailed these photos from the 1985 Coors. The first couple shots I think are from Aspen circuit race. But, they might be North Boulder Park when they had the hill in it. Davis is riding for 7-11, but is wearing the yellow sprint jersey.  Looks like it must of been pretty steep from our bike, body and hand positions.  It’s amazing how few photos I have from the olden days of racing. Digital cameras are pretty cool, huh?

Steve, Davis Phinney, Bob Roll, East German guy, Dutch guy.


French guy, Davis, Steve, Ron Keifel, Dutch guy.


Feed Zone shot, Morgul Bismark-my Trudi, Shelley Verses, April Fatka, April Wilburn

4 thoughts on “Photos from the past-Coors Classic

  1. sjones52631

    Those are some pretty kickass old school pics. Do you have any pics from your early mountain bike days that you could post? I didn’t even know until recently that you are a member of the MTB Hall of Fame!

  2. sweide

    Thanks for sharing, Steve. Now if you can just find the photos that Trudi took with that camera around her neck…


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