Cycling shoes!!!

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OK. I know I haven’t written about the two road races up in Iowa last weekend. I will. I’ve been building Brian Jensen (actually Brian & Michelle’s dog, Jasmine) a fence for their new house, as a house-warming gift. It’s been raining, of course. It’s muddy and messy.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, Catherine Walberg brought some shoes over to get some cleats mounted. She has a million different kinds of shoes. Seems to have an issue with getting the cleat forward enough or something. I was amazed at how many different kinds of shoes she has. Specialized, Sedi, Carnac, Nike, Shimano. It was mind boggling.

She did have a point about having trouble getting the ball of her foot over her pedal spindle. The new Shimano shoes, we were putting the cleats on, will hopefully solve that problem.

I’ve ridden Shimano shoes most of my adult life. Ever since they started making them. I rode Nike shoes some back in the Schwinn days. That was mainly a $$ thing. The shoes sucked. Shimano came out with pretty great shoes as soon as they released them for production. It always amazed me a shoe company, like Nike, couldn’t make a decent cycling shoe when they were a shoe company. And, a bike equipment company could.

I have never been much of a fan of movement cleats. I don’t understand them. I never have ridden them unless mine were so worn out that they became movement cleats. I was completely stoked when the new Shimano pedals came out with the fixed red cleats. That is the leg to pedal connection every pedal manufacturer should try to attain. Enough about pedals.

Shoe table!


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  1. Stanley

    Well of course Catherine would have several pairs of shoes….she is a girl. And women need more shoes than men. That is just how it is.


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