Chasing the weather.

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Winter in Kansas has been severe this year. It reminds me of the winters when I was a kid. Lots of snow, frozen lakes, big winds continually. Usually, by now I would of cried UNCLE and headed somewhere warm until the end of April. I’ve been kind of doing intervals. One week gone, a week back, etc. It makes you appreciate the warm weather all that much more. But, it kind of gets you off track of what you’re trying to accomplish at home.

I planted a garden yesterday. Turned the soil, raked it out and then planted the early stuff-lettuce, spinach, chard, beets, etc. I was leaning over no more than 30 minutes total. Last night I was hobbling around. My hamstrings were/are killing me. It is amazing how out of shape you can get for any other endeavor in life when you are in cycling shape. As far as I can tell, cycling fitness is like a black hole for every other energy source you body has. And it converts every muscle into something that is only good for cycling. You can ride your bike for 6 + hours, but can’t stand around for more than 10 minutes. Go figure.

So, the weekend here is supposed to be miserable again. Dennis Kruse, from Cable, Wis. came down here for some early season riding. He left Cable a couple days ago and the temperature was -5 degrees. He rode here the next day at 60. But, tomorrow is going to be crummy, so we’re heading down to Fayetteville, Arkansas for a long ride tomorrow and then a road race on Sunday. Just a weekend trip.