Still in Austin, Texas

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We decided to stay down in Austin at Maureen’s house and train for the week and race the road races next weekend. The weather is 40 degrees warmer than Kansas and it’s good to be able to just focus on riding without the extra “home stuff” to get in the way. Wednesday Adam and I went out with Dave Wenger and Stefan Rothe and did a 6 hour ride. 116 miles was the end result. We rode over to where the races are this weekend at Lago Vista, then through a killer canyon appropriately named Cattle Canyon. Appropriately named because once we went over some cattle grates, there were long horned cattle everywhere. Anyway, it was a super good ride and longer than I’d done training in ages. Adam broke his frame last Sunday, so he got a new frame shipped down and we put it together today for the races this weekend. Alittle too much standing around for me, but that seems to be the norm nowadays. I have better form for the races this weekend than last for sure. Maybe it won’t be as painful? I’ll let you know.