Elite Cyclocross Nationals 2007-Anticlimatical

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Sunday afternoon now. The race is done. It went badly. At best. I was talking to Jonathan Page afterwards and told him it seemed anticlimatical and he said exactly. He’d finished 2nd, 50 meters back. I finished somewhere in the late 20’s. Minutes upon minutes back. I’m depressed because the conditions were perfect for my riding style. Slick ice, but good traction on the climbs so I could ride off my seat if I needed to.

Not sure if I’m ready to evaluate the day yet. I flatted 4 tires. But, only 2 at a time, twice. Double pinch flatted twice. Two Dugast, two clinchers. I haven’t flatted a cross tire all season. I haven’t flatted 4 cross tires in my entire cross “career”. But, today. I obviously must of done something wrong. It was the same place on the course both times. But, it didn’t seem any different than anything else I was doing the other 99.99% of the course. Shad double flatted his Dugast at the same place. Maybe there was something in the bottom of one of the ruts or something. I’ll never know. All I know is that it is pretty depressing. Seems like a lot of effort over the last few months for nothing. It is truely character building.

OK. I’ll write my race review later, once I’ve had a chance to mope a little longer.