Getting Stupid-

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I mean, this is getting stupid. I got back from the East coast on Monday. I still wasn’t feeling that great. But on Tuesday, I woke up and was really not feeling well. Pretty bad sore throat, etc. Wednesday, I drove myself over to Med-Assist and told them I had Strep Throat. 10 minutes and one quick Strep test later, I left with a diagnois of Strep throat and a prescription for maybe the 8th round of antibiotics I’ve had this year. And I don’t normally get along with anitiotics at all.

So, yesterday, I woke up and can’t see out of my left eye hardly. I go to the eye doctor and he tells me I have a virus in my eyes and it should get better in a week or so. My vision is bad enough, it wouldn’t work for cyclo-x. But, it should be better in a week or so. I guess I said that already. I was just reaffirming it to myself.

So, I can’t really see well and am taking antibiotics and am under trained. My plan was going down to Austin last Tuesday and train for a week. Of course it’s been 80 degrees down there and it’s in the low 30’s here with snow on the ground. I rode inside yesterday for the first time in a year. I hate it and normally won’t do it unless there is a gun to my head. I had to cover the wattage with a towel so I didn’t depress myself with my pitiful output.

Anyway, I am just ranting. I’m not sure why I’m posting this. It seems like most everything has gone alittle wrong this whole fall leading up to Cyclo-X Nationals next weekend. Goes to show you, that you can have a good overall plan and then just end up winging it when it comes to the actual time to compete.

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    Getting all of the crap out of the way now so as to win the elite men’s title in 2008! Yeah

  2. usvihook

    come on tilford, quit your whining – i’m counting on you for some good entertainment this weekend! seeing is overrated anyway, you’ll be fine! good luck buddy! kb


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