UCI C2-Cincinnati

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Short post from Cincinnati. The course was good. Lots of U-turns and switchbacks. Some open riding and a sand section. Barry Wicks won. Danish Champion 2nd. Brent Prenslow 3rd, Brandon Dwight 4th, ect. I was 8th. Got an OK start and then moved up to 3rd toward the end of the first lap. A guy ran into me from behind and I backpedaled and dropped my chain. It got stuck between the “big(44)” ring and the crank arm. I had to sit there a while and yank it out. By the time I got going, I was back in the late 20’s. Made up a ton of places the next lap, but it got slower. Ended up riding around in a group of 3 with Tristan Schoutan and Ryan Leach going for 7th. Got mixed up with Tristan right at the of the last lap and ended up 8th. I felt like I could of been riding at the front, but you know how that goes. Anyway, I kind of get a do over tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have better results.